GERT8000-M2 Iss 7

Train stopped by train failure


You will need this module if you carry out the duties of a driver or signaller.

Summary Of Changes

The rules in module M2 have been reviewed as part of a wider consideration of reducing the use of detonators. This has resulted in changes to sections 1 and 3. Risk assessment work has demonstrated that the possible risks to a driver leaving the failed train are greater than the contribution of detonators to reducing the risk of collision between the assisting train and the failed train. Based on the findings of that work, the rules have been changed so that the driver of the failed train is no longer required to place assistance protection but will normally remain with the failed train. The exception is in poor visibility when direct GSM-R communication between the driver of the assisting train and the driver of the failed train cannot be established. In these circumstances, the driver of the failed train is still required to leave that train and meet the assisting train at a location normally the same as the former assistance protection point.

Separately, the rules in section 2.2 on emergency protection have been revised to make the instructions clearer and more comprehensive.


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Rule Book Update September 2023 

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Consultation Status Closed
Vehicle Assessment No
Supersedes GERT8000-M2 Iss 6
Lead Committee Traffic Operation and Management - TOM
Supporting Committee Plant - PLT; Rolling Stock - RST; Control Command and Signalling - CCS
Impact Assessments
23 IA15
Supporting Documents GERT8000-RBBL Iss 39 ; Risk Assessment - Detonators