RIS-2712-RST Iss 1.1

On-Train Camera Monitoring Systems


This document sets out the use of modern camera systems for the purposes of recording, storing, and accessing video data from rolling stock. It contains guidance on methods to protect the camera systems and data storage from physical or cyber unauthorised access, and what the British Transport Police needs when using the recorded data as part of an investigation.

Summary Of Changes

Following a discussion with a supplier and subject matter expert in the field of camera lens', along with further research, it was discovered that the inclusion of focal length as a means to compare different camera solutions may be problematic when being interpreted by industry and could mislead users of the RIS when obtaining camera systems based on focal length values to provide a particular field of vision. It was therefore considered that the removal of focal length as a parameter for consideration in this RIS was necessary to ensure appropriate interpretation of the guidance meaning.

Section 2.11.4 has also been added to this RIS to provide guidance on cloud based storage systems. This was added following a request for help (20-REQ-38) from Angel Trains which discussed the inclusion of such systems in the standard to remove the necessity to store data on-board a train for 31 days if cloud storage is available instead.

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On-Train Camera Monitors for Driver Controlled Operation

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