The rail industry comprises of companies that run, develop, repair, maintain and supply trains and other assets. By definition, health and wellbeing in the workplace is the effects that work has on the health of individuals (e.g. noise induced hearing loss), or the effects of an individual’s health on their work (e.g. colour vision testing), and wellbeing. The Business Engagement & Measurement Group’s scope is to encourage better use of health data by rail companies to: 

  • engage business leaders 
  • improve investment decisions in health and well-being at company and industry level.

Message from the Chair

You cannot manage what you cannot measure’. As members of BEAM, this business adage is front and central to our work. Our work focuses on how the rail sector can leverage health data so it can make informed decisions on how best it can protect and promote the wellbeing of staff at industry, operator and individual levels. 


Membership is made up of:

  • Work and Wellbeing
  • passenger train operators
  • freight and other non-passenger train operators
  • infrastructure managers and owners
  • infrastructure contractors
  • suppliers and rolling stock manufacturers
  • RSSB

Chair of committee: Bridget Juniper, Work and Well-Being Ltd
RSSB main representative: Kevin Thompson

Committee Members

Name Company Representing Status
Alyna Jones SE Trains Limited Passenger Train Operating Company Member
Amelia Stratton Network Rail North West & Central Region Infrastructure Manager Member
Ayesha Trotman Transport for London (TfL) Infrastructure Manager Member
Bridget Juniper Work and Well-Being Limited Independent Chair
Caroline Meek Network Rail Infrastructure Limited Infrastructure Manager Member
Christine Kinloch RSSB RSSB Meeting Manager
Jack Newby Abellio East Midlands Limited Passenger Train Operating Company Member
Kevin Thompson RSSB RSSB Member
Lisa Regan RSSB RSSB Member
Michelle O'Sullivan RSSB RSSB Member
Mike Tyler Independent N/A Member
Natasha Scoggins Eurostar International Limited Passenger Train Operating Company Member
Noodhir Sobun RSSB RSSB Member
Paul Hutchings Arriva Rail London Limited N/A Sponsor
Ruth Pott BAM Nuttall Limited Infrastructure Contractor Member
Samantha Phillips Transport for London (TfL) Passenger Train Operating Company Member
Sharon Daly Irish Rail Infrastructure Manager Member
Steven Van Niekerk HS1 Limited Infrastructure Manager Member