SRE is the industry’s committee which:

  • Drives forward the development of an ambitious, affordable and coherent sustainability strategy to make rail the leading mode of sustainable transport.
  • Co-ordinates policy and industry responses to sustainability challenges, influencing governments to weigh investment choices in rail against sustainability outcomes in other modes.
  • Collates and reports the combined efforts of the industry into a single, understandable view.
  • Reviews industry’s progress and provides challenge where it is needed, holding duty holders to account.
  • Assesses sustainability funding and identifies shortfalls, impressing upon funders the need for further support.

Message from the Chair

"I’m delighted to build on the work we’ve done with RSSB in the past, and take full advantage of the opportunity to collaborate and inform railway policy and planning in the years ahead. By working together as an industry, we can co-create a fresher and more ambitious Sustainable Rail Strategy. It can join together all the good work industry is doing, and pave the way for rail to maximise its potential, to play its part in the UK’s future transport system.""


Sustainable Rail Leadership Group

The purpose of the Sustainable Rail Leadership Group (SRLG) is to enable the rail industry to deliver a more sustainable railway efficiently and effectively through adoption of the Rail Sustainable Rail Strategy

Subgroups of the Sustainable Rail Leadership Group