SIC Chairs meeting happens on a quarterly basis to discuss, coordinate and resolve cross-SIC issues, agree appropriate actions in response to requests or direction from both the Technology Leadership Group (TLG) and the RSSB Board.

These meetings are also key to ensure that the work across all SICs covers the range of industry needs to optimise the management of technical interfaces and cross-system issues.

The SIC Protocol sets out a framework for the governance, operation and management of SICs and their subgroups.

Message from the RSSB executive

SICs play a key role in developing new knowledge and solutions to improve how the GB rail industry manages technical interfaces. In many cases these are well established and understood, such as the interaction between wheel and rail or gauging, where continuous improvement remains valuable. In some cases, it is about new emerging interfaces, such as those relating to data and new traction sources, where industry needs to act in a coordinated way to enable changes and improvements.