Leading Health and Safety on Britain's Railway (LHSBR)

The rail industry’s health and safety strategy - Leading Health and Safety on Britain's Railway (LHSBR) - has been developed by leaders of the rail industry. Its goal is to provide a framework for the collaborative improvement of health and safety performance on the railway.

In 2020 the strategy has been refreshed to set out a clearer framework for the rail industry to work together to make a better, safer railway a reality.

The strategy identifies challenges the industry is facing, where cross industry collaboration would deliver improved health and safety benefits. It provides a clear vision and sets out strategic activities to address each of the challenges.

Everyone has a role in helping the industry achieve its health and safety goals, so you should familiarise yourself with the relevant parts of the refreshed strategy, and the collaborative work going on to move the industry forward.

The accompanying Strategy Implementation document is focused on how we deliver the strategy and the critical components needed for success. It includes guiding principles around the collaboration framework, governance and support arrangements, and how industry will monitor delivery.

We have published a brief Summary for Senior Leaders which provides an outline of the strategy and how the industry will work together to deliver it.

We will be developing this area of the website so that you can keep in touch with what’s going on and how you can get involved. This includes on-line collaboration to address shared risks collectively during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Leading Health and Safety on Britain's Railway Executive Advisory Group has been established to act on behalf of RSSB’s Board. It will monitor how the strategy is being implemented and provide accountability and support to System Safety Risk Group and The Rail Wellbeing Alliance and their related subgroups.

A bit about the strategy

Britain's railway system is one of the safest and most intensively used rail networks in the world. However, performance has deteriorated in some risk areas, and currently there are concerns around operational risk, trespass, and workforce safety. There is also a stronger appreciation of the importance of health and wellbeing and the impact this has on safety and performance.

The strategy covers 12 risk areas and priorities for improving our capability:

We will continue to provide quarterly progress reports, which include safety performance data as well as details of what the industry is doing to meet the strategy’s aims and objectives. The June update is combined with the Annual Health and Safety Report, it is supported by specific reports for each of the risk and capability areas.


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LHSBR 2020 - A Summary for Senior Leaders
LHSBR 2020 - Strategy Implementation
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March 2020 progress report
December 2019 progress report
September 2019 progress report
March 2019 progress report
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