GERT8000-TS1 Iss 14

General signalling regulations


You will need this module if you carry out the duties of a signaller

Summary Of Changes

New instructions have been added at regulation 13.1 to facilitate the introduction of high output protection zones into the Rule Book. The introduction of high output protection zones into the Rule Book is intended to improve track worker safety by removing the need for possession support staff to go trackside to place standard possession protection, and to result in improved productivity on each occasion that a high output train is used. New instructions have also been added at regulation 13.7 to facilitate the introduction of the crossing the line procedure into the Rule Book. The changes are intended to streamline the procedure for crossing the line leading to reduced workload for signaller/SWL/COSS/IWA, reduced need for staff to be waiting unproductively trackside ,and crossing the line at locations that have already been assessed as suitable. Following the 12-month review of the module, clarifications have been added at regulations 13.2.2, 13.2.4 and 13.3. Regulation 18 has been changed with all instructions relating to trespassers now shown in regulation 18.1. In addition, the instructions relating to trespassers have been revised to give greater clarity and consistency for signallers and drivers in the event of a trespass incident. These changes are intended to reduce the impact on performance by ensuring that the response is proportionate to the level of risk associated with a trespass incident, without adversely impacting safety.
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Rule Book Modules: Train signalling (TS)
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Under Consultation Open
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Vehicle Assessment No
Supersedes GERT8000-TS1 Iss 13
Superseded By GERT8000-TS1 Iss 15
Lead Committee Traffic Operation and Management - TOM
Supporting Committee Control Command and Signalling - CCS
Impact Assessments
20 IA13
Supporting Documents GERT8000-Issue Iss 31 ; GERT8000-RBBL Iss 34
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