GMGN2615 Iss 2.2

Guidance on the Application of the Locomotives and Passenger Rolling Stock NTSN


This document gives guidance on interpreting the requirements of the Locomotives and Passenger Rolling Stock National Technical Specification Notice (LOC & PAS NTSN).

Summary Of Changes

Amendments and clarifications: 

  • title and synopsis amended to reflect application of the NTSN;
  • amended throughout to refer to NTSNs instead of TSIs;
  • amendments to section G1.1 to reflect the new legislative context;
  • new clause G1.1.2 describing NTSNs; subsequent clauses renumbered;
  • new clause G1.1.10 reflecting the requirement to comply with the specific versions of ENs and ISOs as referenced in the NTSN;
  • amendments to section G2.1 to reflect the new legislative context;
  • amendments to Part 3 to reflect NTSN content throughout;
  • amendments to Part 3 for standards which have been published or updated since the TSI was published;
  • amendments to Part 3 to reflect that ENs do not provide 'presumption of conformity' with the NTSN
  • section 3.18 rewritten to reflect current practice;
  • new Table 1 showing relevant wheelset-related standards;
  • new clauses in 3.22 relating to magnetic track brakes;
  • amended title of Part 4 and added reference to the Interoperability Constituents NTSN;
  • amended title of Part 5 and added the need to apply to the DfT for an exemption;
  • list of abbreviations removed; definitions and references updated.

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Supersedes GMGN2615 Iss 2.1
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