RIS-0707-CCS Iss 2

Management of Control Command and Signalling (CCS) Subsystem Failures, Faults and Defects


This document sets out the management process requirements that apply to safety related failures of control command and signalling (CCS) onboard and trackside subsystems, and defines the capability requirements for the National Defect Recording, Analysis and Corrective Action System (DRACAS) for CCS applications, and guidance on their application.

Summary Of Changes

RIS-0707-CCS issue two details how organisations cooperate and share information about CCS subsystem failures so that risks can be managed, and actions taken to mitigate them. Sharing this information helps identify trends and defects within subsystems, which can be precursors for future incidents or accidents.

Part 2 now introduces a standardised language for failures, faults and defects as well as new guidance on the incorporation of human performance factors in technical investigations.

Part 3 has new requirements for the capability of the proposed National CCS DRACAS, based on the RSSB Concept of Operations.

Part 4 has updated requirements for the management of information about CCS subsystem failures, together with new guidance on how arrangements may change in future to support the National CCS DRACAS.

The standardised risk classifications for CCS subsystem failures in Appendix A have been updated and now include the European Train Control System (ETCS).

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