Healthier rail

RSSB is developing as the industry’s hub for excellence in health and wellbeing. Our work supports improved health data collection, risk management, individual wellbeing and productivity, and the means to reduce costs. 


Sustainable rail 

RSSB has become the industry's centre of excellence for environmental sustainability strategy, policy and practice. It supports the industry to maintain its leading position as the most environmentally sustainable mode of transport. 


Safer rail

RSSB continues to develop and enhance health and safety data collection and analysis tools. Along with other tools and approaches, these support our members to manage risk more effectively. 


Harmonised rail

RSSB develops the standards that are used across the rail industry. These standards help the industry maintain safety, reduce cost and facilitate innovation, improving the passenger experience and making freight efficient. We work internationally to influence best practice and gain wider economies of scale to benefit GB rail. 


Efficient & Innovative rail

RSSB's work in the area of Efficient Rail supports our members to improve operating performance and customer satisfaction. At the same time we will help reduce the cost of rail to passengers and taxpayers.

RSSB collaborates with academia, research councils and international organisations for our Innovative Rail work. The results help deliver the Digital Railway. A better, safer railway.