RIS-2730-RST Iss 1.1

Vehicle Fire Safety and Evacuation


This document sets out requirements and guidance for rail vehicle fire safety arrangements, including vehicle design, maintenance and servicing, and engineering change. Specifically, it addresses emergency lighting, emergency and safety equipment, signs and labels, and evacuation considerations.

Summary Of Changes

Amendments and clarifications following review: 

  • references to NTSNs instead of TSIs throughout;
  • new clause 1.2.2 regarding NTSNs; subsequent clauses renumbered;
  • BS EN 45545-2:2020 is now published, but does not come into force until August 2023; clause 2.1.2 amended, and new clause G 1.1.12 added;
  • new clause 2.3.4 clarifying requirements for arc barriers (moved from 2.2.1); subsequent clauses renumbered
  • new clause G 2.3.7 clarifying requirements for exhaust systems;
  • amended clause G 2.4.6 as T1172 is now published; reference to T1195 added;
  • new clause G 2.4.7 drawing attention to requirements for flange lubricants and friction modifiers;
  • amended clause G 2.5.7 for arc barriers;
  • new clause G regarding means of escape;
  • amended clause C.14 changing minimum age to 18;
  • new note under clause C.20 regarding possible use of adult manikins.
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Vehicle Assessment Yes
Supersedes RIS-2730-RST Iss 1
Lead Committee Rolling Stock - RST
Supporting Committee Plant - PLT
Briefing Notes 21 BN19