TN2311 Iss 1

Fire-related properties of batteries


This technical note sets out options for improving fire performance of batteries in use on GB mainline rolling stock, and the factors which may need to be considered as part of any proposal for new or modified fleets employing battery technology. The information can also be applied to batteries used in on-track machines and on-track plant.

Summary Of Changes

This technical note was produced from the Rail Safety and Standards Board investigation to share information with the UK train and tram industry. The technical note was developed to look into alternative designs of batteries and their casings and to clarify specific fire risks caused by them. It also addresses a recommendation from the Rail Accident and Investigation Branch’s report into the derailment of a passenger train at Carmont, Scotland (August 2020). The recommendation is to review the fire performance of batteries currently used on GB mainline rolling to identify improvements.

This technical note supplements standards related to vehicle safety, such as GMRT2130 Vehicle Fire Safety and RIS-2780-RST Rail Vehicle Structures.

It is applicable to:

  • railway undertakings;
  • rolling stock owners and leasing companies (including plant);
  • vehicle maintainers and manufacturers;
  • infrastructure managers;
  • entities in charge of maintenance; project entities; and approval bodies.
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Associated Standard GMRT2130 Iss 5.1, RIS-2730-RST Iss 1.1, RIS-2700-RST Iss 2, RIS-2780-RST Iss 1.1, RIS-1530-PLT Iss 7.1, GMRT2400 Iss 6.2
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