RIS-8250-RST Iss 2

Management of Safety-Related Rail Vehicle Defects


This document defines requirements for recording, analysing and reporting safety-related defects, faults and failures on rail vehicles, plant and machinery, their components, systems, subsystems and related documentation. It also defines requirements for taking action following receipt of a national incident report (NIR).

Summary Of Changes

RIS-8250-RST Issue Two, Management of Safety-Related Rail Vehicle Defects, sets out what Railway Undertakings (RUs), infrastructure managers (IMs) and entities in charge of maintenance (ECMs) need to do to meet their legal responsibilities for reporting defects, by raising National Incident Reports (NIRs).

The RIS has been updated to refer to the latest legislative regime, incorporating the changes from the published Amendments, and providing rationale and guidance.

The RIS also includes guidance on reporting of software and cyber security related issues.

The new RIS makes it much clearer as to who can raise NIRs and includes some guidance on timescales.

The RIS is supported by a separate flowchart which helps users to understand which reporting system to use in which circumstances.

It is expected that this improved guidance will bring benefits to rail system reliability and customer perception, as well as helping users meet their legal requirements.

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