PTSRG’s scope includes:

  1. Risk to passengers, members of the public and members of workforce at stations and onboard trains; this includes
    ▪ Slips, trips and falls
    ▪ Platform train interface when boarding and alighting
    ▪ Platform train interface when not boarding and alighting
    ▪ Assault, abuse and anti-social behaviour
    ▪ Onboard injuries
    ▪ Contact with objects in stations
    ▪ Other injuries (eg contact with animals/insects or hazardous substances)
  2. Station operations (including staff competence and capabilities, station procedures and station designs).
  3. Monitoring the strategic risk profile and high priority precursor information (where available) for the above in relation to human error, equipment failure, environment or vandalism, and on any other risks as directed by SSRG.
  4. Injuries from train accidents, trespass, suicide, or at level crossings and route crime incidents are excluded.

Message from the Chair

Having taken over as Chair of the People on Trains and Stations Risk Group in late 2021, it is my vision that we will work collaboratively with all our partners across the industry to drive down the risks involved in station operations, on board trains and at the platform train interface. In a post-pandemic world, it is more important than ever that we manage this risk profile efficiently and with cooperation on behalf of our customers, our stakeholders and our industry colleagues.

By gaining a deep understanding of our risks and the challenges operators face, we will build our roadmap together and then deliver against it. We will work with commitment and energy to deliver brilliant basics in the context of upcoming industry change and to realise the ambition as laid out in LHSBR under Station Operations, acting to reduce risk and increase our collective maturity in this area.

As a group we are keen to work with others and are continually open to feedback and challenge. If you would like to get involved, please do get in touch.