Stakeholders in the industry and its supply chain work together to maintain the integrity of rolling stock assets. The aim is to minimise the number of unsafe failures of rolling stock assets, and to provide transparent assurance that this has been achieved.

Over the past 12 months rolling stock asset integrity has accounted for 3% of all train accident risk, although the current data shows no significant trend. Recent RAIB reports have highlighted issues of compliance with standards, compatibility with existing technologies, and software integrity. The number of reported train fires has been rising over the last 5 years. Most of those recorded in 2019 were caused by technical defects. As with the second most frequent cause, arson or vandalism, the number of incidents peaked towards the end of the day. The industry has established a cross-industry Asset Integrity Group to work on the challenges laid out in LHSBR.

What the rail industry is doing 

Ongoing assurance activities are complemented by an increasing focus on collaborative activity in risk management across the industry. This is achieved by taking whole-system and whole-life-cycle perspectives, building on existing expertise and experience.

Strategic challenges—what industry wants to do

  • Develop a shared and consistent understanding of design configurations of rolling stock.
  • Support collaboration across whole-system interfaces, strengthening assurance.
  • Engage with the international and multi-tiered supply chain to support assurance, recognising the trends towards complex, software-driven solutions.
  • Broaden skills and competencies to support management of risks.

At RSSB we provide the workspaces for collaboration across the industry, so it can get the right data and insights, and so make good decisions about how to monitor and improve safety, health and wellbeing.

How to get involved

There are many opportunities for you to contribute to leading health and safety on Britain’s railways.

  • Industry is particularly encouraged to work with, or join, the Asset Integrity Group (AIG). It is the group that oversees the development of this area, and the cross-industry group dedicated to leading collaborative activity on the topic.
  • RSSB provides the industry with a range of products and services designed to help buyers in the GB rail market ensure their suppliers have the right competence and resources to consistently deliver to the right specification.


RSSB offers Human Factors Awareness Training to help operators better understand why people make mistakes, exploring factors that can influence human performance such as equipment design, processes and procedures, and competence management.