SSRG is the top-level group advising RSSB on its work programme regarding safety data analysis and risk analysis. It does this by:

  • Reviewing industry safety performance analysis and emerging safety issues.
  • Supporting RSSB in identifying and implementing cross-industry safety initiatives.
  • Sharing of learning and good practice.
  • Advising RSSB on industry safety priorities.
  • Supporting RSSB’S engagement and communication with other industry groups or parties with an interest in rail safety.
  • Advising RSSB on the quality of work done regarding its published programme.

Message from the chair

The Leading Health and Safety on Britain’s Rail strategy sets out a clear direction for health and safety management, focusing on risk initiatives that can reduce overall harm. SSRG supports the specialist safety risk groups that monitor the risks and capabilities set out in the strategy.  We monitor and review the strategy, reflecting on industry progress, building on the work of the risk groups, and ensuring industry collaboration continues to mature.