Technical depth and breadth

Our experts have a ‘whole railway’ view of their specialism and how it connects with other dependencies; like rolling stock and infrastructure engineering, signalling and train control, legislation and regulations, and safety management and assurance. We have some of the most experienced people in many of the complex niche areas, where other consultancies may need to rely on more generalist expertise. For example, ERTMS/ETCS, human factors, risk management (RM3), and sustainability.  

RSSB leads the industry strategy on safety, health and wellbeing (Leading Health and Safety on Britain's Railway). This puts us in a key position when it comes to understanding and shaping industry’s management of risks (and the required capabilities) for the 12 collaboration priority risk areas.

An experienced and holistic approach

With nearly two decades of experience, we are well placed to tackle the root causes of many challenges that the railway encounters. RSSB Consultancy adds significant value during the early stages of projects; to help determine the best way forward. It can optimise scope, reduce downstream delivery problems and avoid unnecessary expenditure and rework.  We also work with other consultancies and partners to increase the value of their work, providing impartial third-party endorsement. We are not fazed by uncertainty and can work with clients from first principles, using a systematic approach to help better understand the essence of a problem. 

We leave our clients a legacy

As we approach a task we aim to collaborate to achieve the best possible outcome. We aim to upskill the organisations we work with to drive best practice. We endeavour to act as a critical friend for our clients, as proposals and programmes are developed and implemented. We aspire to empower the rail professionals we work with, and leave a legacy of fundamental improvement with every piece of work we do.

We are a not for profit organisation

In line with our founding constitution and corporate vision—any surplus generated from our activities is put back into our work to deliver a better, safer railway. And, as we are owned by the rail industry, we will ensure that the work we do is backed by a sound business case, that benefits our industry clients.

Regulatory and operational capability

Away from the technical, we have considerable expertise of regulatory policy matters, both for the UK and the EU. This skill set can help with your procurement. We can advise on the technical content of contracts, before agreements are signed with governments or suppliers. We can help with fundamental tasks such as understanding assurance frameworks, writing operational manuals, reviewing safety management systems and technical documents.


To find out more about our consultancy offering please contact Krystyna Pinches.