The scope of the Sustainable Rail Leadership Group (SRLG) as defined in its terms of reference includes:

  • Being the endorsing body for the Sustainable Rail Strategy.
  • Identifying opportunities to effectively and efficiently improve sustainability at industry level
  • Commissioning studies or research or use other methods to seek to remove barriers and take opportunities to improve industry sustainability
  • Identifying solutions and making recommendations to relevant parties on implementation
  • Validating proposed goals, metrics, targets and route maps for rail industry sustainability aspects, challenging to ensure these are appropriate and robust
  • Identifying and sharing best practice for sustainability from within or outside GB rail.

Message from the Chair

The Sustainable Rail Leadership Group (SRLG) is enabling the rail industry to efficiently and effectively deliver a more sustainable railway through adoption of the Sustainable Rail Strategy.  Our mission is to achieve cleaner air and reduced carbon consumption, together with better advised environmental, sustainability, social value and accessibility decision making.  We are establishing the trajectory needed to deliver the zero net carbon by 2050 goal, as defined by the Climate Change Commission.