Feedback sought on overview of new safety management information system
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Details of the first implementation phase of the rail industry's new safety management information system have been made available for members' comments by RSSB.

The SMIS+ programme is working with representatives of all sectors of the rail industry to create a new on-line system exploiting commercial off-the-shelf, state of the art, safety management software, which will ultimately see the integration of a new Safety Management Information System (SMIS) and a new Close Call system.  Phase 1 replaces SMIS and Phase 2 replaces CCS.

The System Release Proposal for Phase 1 describes what will be implemented for SMIS users from December 2016, and so will shape how organisations prepare, with a focus on protecting business continuity for members.

Phase 1 will allow existing SMIS users to capture safety incidents and accidents via a new risk based data model. User organisations will continue to be able to meet the requirements of today's railway using the new Enlighten software platform, performing the same business activities.

Comments on the overview of the changes including benefits, risks and training are needed by Friday 24 June from those who are involved with planning local implementation in their organisation.

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