New occupational health ‘wise buyer’ guide launched
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A new quick-start guide to help rail companies implement and procure occupational health programmes has been launched by RSSB at the rail industry’s health and wellbeing conference today.

Health has become a much bigger priority for rail companies, and while many issues are not rail-specific, an aging population, musculoskeletal problems, exposure to noise, vibration, mental health issues, trauma and depression are all key potential health risks for the rail workforce.

Workplace health programmes benefit both employees and employers but it can be a challenge for companies to establish a service from providers that suits their specific needs.

Aimed at rail HR teams, the new guidance from RSSB provides a concise overview of the process companies might want to follow to ensure they implement and optimise occupational health arrangements that are right for them.

RSSB’s Health and Wellbeing Specialist, Stephanie Fitzgerald said: This is a really simple quick-start guide for HR and operational teams to use to prompt the right questions about how to set up or refine workforce health programmes. By following the guide, organisations get a win-win by ensuring both arrangements are efficient and cost-effective, but also crucially that the health and wellbeing of their people is properly looked after.


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