RSSB recalls vintage guidance to mark rail safety week
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Excerpts from historical rail safety guidance will be shared by RSSB, to compare and contrast with present day practice as part of Rail Safety Week.

Extracts and pictures will be posted by RSSB on Twitter and Facebook to illustrate both the similarities and stark differences between the 1920s and today's railway.

Examples will include raising awareness of the risk of scalding from steam locomotives as well as skin cuts from crate handling causing blood poisoning.

Greg Morse, RSSB's Operational Feedback Specialist, commented: It's clear the risk profile of the 1920s railway is very different from today's. It's clear too that some of the things we take for granted – such as high visibility clothing – simply weren't around back then.  But while the staged photos and quaint language can raise a smile, it's fair to note that some of the key messages were the same then as now, especially about the need to combat complacency and look out for one another.

It's also a great example of early industry cooperation on safety.  The guide was produced jointly by the Big Four private railway companies covering the whole GB rail network at the time, and so is the historical equivalent of the safety learning and guidance shared by industry today in channels like Right Track and RED.

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