Sharing insights from RSSB and the rail industry, in plain language.

RSSB podcasts will cover a range of topics to keep you informed about things that will lead us all toward a better, safer railway.  That may be the impact of the change to a standard, a new way to do a task more effectively, or an emerging technology from our Horizon Scanning team that could transform how something is built or operated.

In episode two, Chris Harrison of RSSB and Trevor Parkin of East Midlands Railway talk about signals passed at danger and how the Red Aspect Approaches to Signals (RAATS) Tool is helping reduce the likelihood of a SPAD.
Episode three, in which Barry Tan of RSSB will talk about the updated standard 8628 'Preparation for and Operation during Winter' will be published on 25 June.

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Signals passed at danger: reducing railway risk

Empty Charing Cross station concourse

Covid-19, Lockdown and your Mental Wellbeing

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