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Latest update: August 2019

With autumn approaching, this quarter’s summary looks at two novel tools to help operators deliver the best possible service to the rail industry even with ‘leaves on the line’.

The first, developed by the University of Birmingham with funding from RSSB, uses Internet of Things (IOT) sensors, which are proving to be a low cost and effective solution to moisture monitoring on the Birmingham Cross-City line.

The other is the Adhesion Digital Solution (ADS). This system collects crowd-sourced driver-reported data and combines it with data from the Met Office Low Adhesion model to generate granular up-to-the-minute route relevant adhesion forecasts. 

In the meantime, preparations are well underway to run the first in service pilot of double variable rate sanders on the Birmingham Cross-City line. 

Furthermore, the final report of the Rail Industry Decarbonisation Taskforce sets out the key building blocks required for GB rail to be a major contributor to the government’s target of net zero carbon from next autumn through to 2050. The outputs of our research have underpinned the work of the taskforce, providing essential evidence on the range of potential pathways toward reducing carbon and informing the economic and commercial case. 

Download the full report below for more insight into the work we have done so far. Get in touch if you want to engage with the emerging research programme to support the decarbonisation strategy.



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