Trespass Improvement Programme

The Trespass Improvement Programme aims to prevent and reduce trespass across the rail network.

The Trespass Improvement Programme (TIP) was instigated in January 2018 and is a cross-industry initiative to prevent and reduce trespass across the rail network. The impact of trespass on our industry is huge. In 2018/19 as well as more than 20 fatalities the impact affects hundred of thousands of passengers with 13,500 known trespass events delaying 160,000 trains. With a total of around 800,000 delay minutes, over £60m in Schedule 8 payments reduced the money available to improve safety across the network.

Trespass therefore has a direct impact on safety, the health and wellbeing of employees who deal with fatalities, performance and all rail companies’ reputation regarding delays.

The TIP has been formed with input from British Transport Police, Rail Delivery Group, RSSB, ORR, Department for Transport (DfT), Train Operating Companies (TOCs), Freight Operating Companies (FOCs) and Network Rail.

How the programme helps

The TIP aims to provide a framework, guidance, best practise and advice that can be used to address trespass sites as well a publicity to help change public behaviour. It does not directly implement physical work on the ground; but the TIP products are used by Network Rail Routes, TOCs and FOCs. The programme was specifically asked to:

  • Reduce incidents – Vulnerable and Young People
  • Reduce incidents – Adults
  • Reduce harm to all people 
  • Reduce impact on train service punctuality

Five main workstreams are delivering the outputs:

Innovation and Technology – what new equipment, technologies or processes can we introduce that will be able to make a difference in the prevention and detection of trespass

Co-ordination within and outside of the rail industry – how can we work better together and also what external organisational help can we call on.

Trespass Trials – what physical works on site makes a difference to help to reduce trespass.

Documents and Data – we need to provide the best advice and guidance in tackling trespass so we know that some of our key documents will need to be reviewed and updated.

Behavioural Change – how can we change people’s attitudes and behaviours across society and the industry to realise the dangers of trespass and to not think it is acceptable to do so.

The TIPs is illustrated in the diagram below: 


Figure 1 - Trespass Improvement Programme Main Activities

Trespass – Main Items delivered in 2018/9

  1. Launched the You Vs Train campaign based on the real-life story of Tom Hubbard. In the first 4 months had over 2.4million views, 360 media articles and a potential reach of 174million. In addition, independent research results showed that 92% of children and 95% of adults would now be more aware and therefore act differently to the dangers of the railway
  2. New dedicated public-facing Trespass web site
  3. New proposed industry structure to tackle trespass, including new organisational national co-ordination meetings on trespass
  4. New Industry Trespass Subject Matter Expert
  5. New national on-line interactive educational approach though our partners Learn Live, that engaged I million pupils by April 2019
  6. New Business Intelligence Tool produced by the National Disruption Fusion Unit to analyse and review trespass data
  7. New Trespass Bow Tie to inform all rail companies on the control framework
  8. Updated Community Safety Material for You Vs Trains “brand”, including 3 videos
  9. Updated Management of Platform Ends guidance - Controlling Trespass and Access from the Platform Ends: A Guide to Good Practice T322
  10. Produced “The Technologies to Tackle Trespass” knowledge search research by RSSB
  11. Undertook research into understanding youth behaviour and thoughts on trespass motivations and deterrents through University College London
  12. Produced guidance on, the use of CCTV and drones
  13. Produced guidance on business cases for trespass hot spot sites

Despite the work of TIP, Routes, TOCs, FOCs and other industry partners, trespass actually increased overall in 2018/19 for the fifth year in a row. The effect of trespass on train performance also increased. However, given the target audience, it is encouraging that youth trespass incidents were reduced by 6% and youth fatalities also reduced from 6 the previous year down to 1 in 2018/19. 

Trespass – main items proposed for 2019 onwards

A year into the programme, the main focus has been to spread the You Vs Train message as far and as wide as possible. A new nationally co-ordinated campaign with external sports, community and educational partners provides great reach into parts of society that neither the industry nor police can easily influence. These partners will work with each other as well with the industry to deliver a powerful message across communities that helps people understand the dangers and impact of trespass.  


Figure 2 – Public awareness campaign partnerships

Therefore in 2019/20 the main activities of the programme are as follow:

  1. A refreshed You Vs Train public awareness campaign
  2. Engaging with English Football League Trust as a sports partner to spread the You Vs Train message
  3. Engaging with StreetGames, as a community partner, to spread You Vs Train message, especially in deprived areas
  4. Engaging with Learn Live, an on-line interactive educational system – to engage up to 1.5m pupils a year
  5. Introducing a new IT system for planning and co-ordinating educational visits
  6. Embedding the industry structure to tackle trespass collaboratively
  7. Undertake further academic research on the causes and deterrents of trespass
  8. Produce new Route Crime standard
  9. Undertake Research and Development trials using IOT Motes, Directional Speakers and CCTV
  10. Review and if necessary update signage requirements
  11. Produce training material on how to tackle trespass in local campaigns
  12. Prioritise Bow Tie actions
  13. Improve rail industry staff awareness on trespass and prevention measures
  14. Hold the first Trespass Conference

How you can help

The programme needs the help of all of the rail industry to succeed. Therefore you can help TIP by undertaking the following activities, that were discussed at the first Trespass Conference on the 30th April 2019.

  • Support the public campaign on You Vs Trains at stations, on trains, on social media and on their websites and even with your family and friends
  • Take part in work with communities
  • Look to enhance the Sports Partnership and Community Partnership by sponsoring additional clubs and societies in your locality
  • Assist and co-ordinate in educational visits
  • Contribute to the RSSB-hosted Trespass web site
  • Fully engage in the Route Crime Meetings, or similar, to develop and deliver local action plans
  • Share your good ideas on how to reduce trespass risk so that others can learn


If you want to take part in the programme, and in particular the groups driving the changes forward, please contact Steve Longden on 07771 826821.

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