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Issue 29

It sometimes seems that the only constant is change. As we go to print, the political situation is uncertain—Brexit has been pushed out to January 2020, and nobody knows what colour our government will be then. For the rail industry, there’s another change coming, in the form of the Williams Review, which is looking at root and branch reform of the industry. The report is expected in the next few weeks.

Nevertheless, there are some things that none of us want to change. Our railway is one of the safest, and we want to keep it that way. So, in this issue we look at how we can reduce risk on the railways, including the best way to use detonators and in-cab monitors. The issue will also provide coverage on Network Rail’s ‘Think RISK’ campaign, and G-FORCE, a new tool to help us make decisions when we’re in a situation that doesn’t fit any of the rules.

We also look at the work that’s being done to reduce risk. Our Lowdown features a Signal Sighting Engineer, whose job is to make signals visible to drivers in time for them to react; and we hear about how our colleagues are preventing suicides across the network.

Our RAIB report this time commemorates 20 years since the Ladbroke Grove tragedy. Ultimately, every article in this magazine is designed to avoid a horror like that ever happening again, by making our railway safer for everyone who works or travels on it.

As ever, we would love to have your feedback on any of the articles in this issue. If you have any comments, please email us at or alternatively you can use our Customer Self Service Portal.

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