Right Track

Your quarterly magazine captures, shares and promotes safety learning and initiatives across the industry.

Issue 28 includes an update on the industry’s health and safety performance in the year to April 2019. We also look at some of the key risks facing us as we go to work every day, including possession management, road driving risk and the use of mobiles.

There’s a certain romance about steam trains, but how can rolling stock from a bygone era stay safe on the operational railway of the 21st century? Turn to page 8 to find out how those risks are being mitigated. And in an era when we recognise the importance of mental health, CIRAS reminds us that we shouldn’t neglect our own mental health when looking after other people.
In this issue’s RAIB report, we focus on the self-evacuation of passengers at Lewisham in March 2018; what went wrong, and how we can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

As ever, we would love to have your feedback on any of the articles in this issue. If you have any comments, please email us at or alternatively you can use our Customer Self Service Portal.

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