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Opsweb is an online resource centre, designed as a secure environment for the rail industry to access and share information and resources on operational safety.

The site includes information for operational staff in stations, depots, trains and on the track.  It has data, training and briefing resources on safety critical aspects of running GB railway, including SPAD and TPWS data, the RED programme, and information on safety critical communications.

Registering for an Opsweb account will automatically give you accounts for other RSSB sites, including SPARK External link and RSSB.  These use the same username and password.  If you already have an RSSB or SPARK account, this will work for Opsweb; but you will be required to provide a bit more information.

Opsweb is for RSSB member companies only.  If your company would like to join RSSB and access Opsweb, please see our 'Becoming an RSSB member' page.

If you experience any issues accessing content, please contact us via the Customer Service portal.


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