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Improving accessibility and safety for mobility scooter users travelling by rail (T1055)

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Project Summary

To evaluate what improvements should be made to assist mobility scooter users to join and alight from trains and to improve the processes used by staff in dealing with mobility scooter users.

Project Abstract

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Given the ageing population, the number of passengers with mobility impairments is expected to increase significantly over future years. The market for mobility scooters has shown significant growth over recent years with these products offering an affordable mobility solution to many potential rail customers. This research project will investigate scooter use on the GB rail network.  It will assess the current level of use, how policies are developed and managed by individual TOCs, and what research exists to help understand how viable the use of scooters is in GB stations on trains. The project will use methods such as literature review, incident analysis and stakeholder consultation to support the industry to develop a more consistent, evidence-based approach to the management of scooter use at stations and on trains. The project will develop guidance for passengers, rail staff and managers on the safe use of scooters at stations and on board trains. It is expected that train operators will use the guidance to inform their policies and practices, both for passengers using mobility scooters to access rail services, and for the staff facilitating the service. As part of the guidance development, any gaps in knowledge identified during the course of the research will be identified such that future research, should this be needed, can be scoped to further develop the good practice guidance.

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