We’re building some amazing partnerships to explore new ideas and support research and innovation that will benefit our industry and improve passenger experiences. The Rail Technical Strategy, UKRRIN and WCRR 2022 are some of the notable initiatives we are championing to promote and encourage innovation, support knowledge transfer as well as build and maintain stronger relationships with forward thinking groups.

Rail Technical Strategy

In 2020, RSSB brought industry together to develop the Rail Technical Strategy (RTS). This included RSSB, Network Rail, and UKRRIN academic and industrial partners, with input from many cross-industry groups and individuals, and steer from the Technology Leadership Group.

The RTS focuses on five key priorities. These focus on making rail easy to use, lowering emissions, optimising train operations, improving reliability and ease of maintenance, and using date to drive efficiency and technical progress. These priorities are vital to the railway’s long-term success, and they rely on new technical solutions. Each priority has a map which combines the long-term vision with the steps and achievements needed in the short term.