Human Factors Awareness

This two-day course will explain the factors that can affect human performance at work with regards to the individual, job/workplace and organisation.

This course aims to increase understanding and awareness of human factors and how it can be applied. The course provides delegates with knowledge of human factors techniques and helps identify a range of factors that can affect human performance. This knowledge can be applied when considering design and change management as well as part of an investigation. This course has been revised to include new content, activities and case studies.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding how people process information 
  • Explaining the performance shaping factors that can influence human performance
  • Referring to guidance to address the factors that affect performance 
  • Outlining how to practically apply human factors knowledge. 

RSSB also run a Non-Technical Skills course which expands upon and consolidates the individual performance concepts and also considers this from a human performance and competence management perspective.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at safety managers, operations managers, safety advisors and safety specialists, hazard analysts, regulators, inspectors, and human factors advisors.

It’s also relevant to those whose role includes accident incident investigation. 

Course dates

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Human Factors Awareness course overview
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