Impact and summative evaluation data

National Disruption Fusion Unit (NDFU)

The National Data Fusion Unit is the main source of incident and train delay data. 

It provides a combined data set, merging Safety Management Information System (SMIS) and Train Running Under System TOPS (TRUST) data into the FUSION database.

Data includes geographic locations and dates. The location data can be used to produce a before and after number of incidents.

If the intervention targeted a sub-set of incidents in an area, an option is to categorise incidents and only analyse those targeted by the intervention. Sub-categories may be, for example:

  • By type of trespasser, such as children and young person trespass;
  • By observable type of trespass, such as end of platform;
  • By motivation, such as fare dodging.

Other data

Other data may be sought in order to help assess whether other factors influence the outcomes and impacts of an intervention. Some examples of open source data are:

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