Deciding to Apply Risk Assessment

This guidance applies to any situation where a trespass risk assessment may need to be carried out.  Some situations that may require trespass risk assessment are noted in the Define and Screen section.

This guide applies to all parts of the GB rail network and heritage railways.

Rationale for this risk assessment guidance 

The rationale for the risk assessment guidance includes:

  • The performance of risk assessment should be in accordance with legal duties and conducted by all responsible organisations, including those who own the point of unauthorised access
  • The risk assessment process and methods should be consistent with the Common Safety Method Risk Assessment (CSM-RA)
  • The methods should be specific to trespass hazards and trespass risk factors
  • The form of risk assessment should be suitable and sufficient with respect to the level of risk, data and costs
  • The assessment should cover all forms of trespass and the interaction of neighbouring property
  • It assesses risk of harm
  • The reduction of business cost and risks can be taken into account to determine whether further risk reduction is reasonably practicable. 

Please note the rationale for the risk ranking in terms of frequency, vulnerability consequence are outlined in the T1183 research report.

This approach is consistent with RSSB and ORR guidance and standards including the RSSB Taking Safe Decisions, the Office of Rail and Road guide ‘Common Safety Method for risk evaluation and assessment’ (CSM RA) (2013), RSSB Guidance on the Common Safety Method for risk evaluation and assessment (2017).  It outlines the stages and decision points that are required when conducting trespass risk assessment. The detail of the guide has been developed from several sources such as the boundary standard, and the RSSB project T1168 Evaluating effectiveness of Trespass Detection and Prevention methodologies and a wider review of literature on risk assessment methods relevant to trespass.

In summary there are 5 key stages plus requirements to document the trespass risk assessment approach (link to 1.6 document risk assessment).

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