Document Risk Assessment

This section provides a recommended approach for documenting the findings from the risk assessment. It provides an outline report structure – section headings with some high-level advice on content.

Key outputs from the documenting of the risk assessment is the HAZID, risk estimation and risk evaluation. A HAZID template is provided (link to HAZID template 1.4.2). A risk rating template has also been provided to assist with information collection, risk rating and risk evaluation (link to Risk rating template

The HAZID (link to HAZID template 1.4.2) and risk estimation (link to Risk rating template can be supported with further documented information that provides more general information about what activities were carried out, what data was gathered (incident data, site survey), how this was analysed and the judgements made on the outcome of the risk assessment.

The level of reporting should be proportionate to the risk. A lower risk location may only require a HAZID table (link to HAZID template 1.4.2)  and a tabulation of the risk estimates and risk evaluation (link to risk evaluation).

The following provides a structure for reporting an in-depth risk assessment, providing the relevant section headings. The level of detail of reporting should be proportionate to the risk and cost of interventions. More detail is appropriate for higher risk and higher value interventions, less detail for lower risk and lower cost interventions. 

An outline of the type of information the risk assessment report could include is provided in the list below.

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