Standards comprise groups of individual requirements. If you want to create a new requirement, or revise or withdraw a requirement in an RSSB-managed standard, you should start by completing a Request for Help form. Send us the completed by email to

The arrangements for doing this are documented in the Railway Group Standards Code (the Code). The method is outlined in the Standards Manual. Before you complete an application for change, check with your organisation to see if there is a centralised, internal protocol for managing and submitting proposals.

You should follow this process for all RSSB-managed standards including - Rail Industry Standards (RIS), Rail Industry Guidance Notes (GN), Railway Group Standards, and National Operations Publications (NOPs) – NOPs include the Rule Book.

What happens next?

By completing the Request for Help form, we can capture the key information or questions about your proposed change to standards or NOPs.

Requests for help will be submitted to the relevant Lead Standards Committee Chair and Supporting Standard Committee Chairs for consideration. They will be recorded in the Request for Help Log, which tracks the progress of Request for Help applications.

We will use the information you give us to assess whether the request should be addressed by a proposal for change, a deviation, an amendment or clarification or by providing advice. Submitting a Request for Help will enable parties:

  • To clearly explain the challenges they are experiencing and the benefits being sought.  This will better inform Standards Committees when making a decision on a proposal for change.
  • To set out the challenges they are experiencing in complying with one or more requirements, but they are not sure whether the document should be changed or whether they should seek a deviation.
  • To seek advice or help with interpreting or applying the document.  The advice could be addressed by an amendment or clarification.

If you are not sure how to complete the form, please email Maryann Cox or call her on 020 3142 5561.

You can also get in touch with our technical specialists for advice or help with the interpretation and application of standards (including RISs, RGSs, Technical Specifications for Interoperability and other European standards) or NOPs, in the following areas:

  • Control, command and signalling
  • Energy (electrification systems)
  • Infrastructure (including track, structures and stations)
  • Rolling stock
  • Plant
  • Traffic, operation and management

Technical specialists can be contacted via the customer self-service portal desk or by calling 020 3142 5400. 

Proposals process

When a Request for Help is considered a proposal for change, RSSB shall determine the priority that should be given to the proposal. We will take into account: the associated urgency, importance, nature and scale of the proposal, and consider other work being carried out on behalf of the industry.

Proposals will be submitted to the relevant Standards Committee(s) for consideration and recorded in the Proposal Register. This tracks the progress of the proposal through the consideration process described in the Code.  To understand how the industry agrees standards, the role of the standards committees and other related groups see how industry agrees standards.

If you are unsure which committee(s) may have an interest in the subject of your proposal, please contact Maryann Cox on 020 3142 5561.

If your proposal has been approved, and once it has been developed to a point where a firm programme for the production of a new or revised standard has been drawn up, you can track its progress in the Standards Programme.

Consultations on standards

RSSB publishes a plan of standards programme consultation dates covering the next 6 months. This can be accessed in the Resources section below under Forthcoming Standards Consultations. Additionally the resources section also provides a link the Consultation and Stakeholder Register which gives you access to all current or recently completed consultations on changes to standards and associated document managed by RSSB.

Further information

If you have any queries about change proposals please contact: Maryann Cox on 020 3142 5561.