RSSB can provide help or advice with National Technical Specification Notices (NTSNs), Railway Group Standards (RGSs), Rail Industry Standards (RISs), Guidance Notes (GNs) and the Rule Book (RB). You can contact us if you:

  • Require help with interpreting or applying a document, including European or International standards
  • Wish to request a change to a document
  • Are unsure whether you need to apply for a deviation from an RGS or the Rule Book
  • Are requesting access to supporting documents listed in a deviation certificate.

If you need help or advice with any of the areas above, please complete our Request for help form and email it to Before you send your application to us, please check with your organisation to see if there is a centralised, internal process for managing changes. Network Rail applicants are required to send their forms to before submitting them to RSSB.

If you are not sure how to complete the Request for Help form, please email Maryann Cox You can also get in touch with our technical specialists for advice or help with technical or operational matters in the following areas:

Technical specialists can be contacted via the customer self-service portal. 

What happens next?

Requests for help will be submitted to the relevant Lead Standards Committee Chair and Supporting Standard Committee Chairs for consideration. We will use the information you give us to provide advice or recommend a way forward, which could result in a proposal for change, a deviation, an amendment or a clarification. We will let you know what the recommendation is. Not all requests for help will require a change, sometimes advice alone is sufficient. In this case, one of our technical specialists will respond to your request for help.

Requests for help will be recorded in the request for help log, where progress of requests is tracked.

What if a standard needs changing?

If a standards change is required, the change will be processed as a standards change proposal. The proposal will be prioritised based on the urgency, importance, nature and scale of the change.

Proposals will be submitted to the relevant Standards Committee(s) for consideration and recorded in the proposals register, where the status of the proposal can be tracked. To understand how the industry agrees standards, the role of the standards committees and other related groups see how industry agrees standards. If you wish to find out how your proposal is progressing, you can contact the technical specialist via the customer self-service portal.

The arrangements for changing standards are set out in the Railway Group Standards Code (the Code) and the Standards Manual (the Manual). This includes RGSs, RISs, GNs and the RB.

How do I find standards consultations?

If you want to know what documents are subject to consultation and what stage of consultation they are at, you can find that information on the Consultation and Stakeholder Register. You can also see how we have responded to comments from closed consultations. Contact RSSB via customer self-service portal if you have any questions about any of the consultations.