Vehicle / Vehicle System Interface Committee

    The Vehicle/Vehicle SIC (V/V SIC) was established to provide the focus for the interface between railway vehicles, and also facilitate activity on topics which, while essentially intrinsic to vehicles, have implications for the interface of vehicles with the railway system as a whole, or with the environment (such as weight, reliability, noise).


    The scope of the V/V SIC is defined in its remit and aims to:

    • Develop a strategy for optimisation of line side equipment to assess various aspects of rolling stock condition, such as hot axle box detection equipment and wheel load impact detection
    • Explore opportunities for the reduction in train mass leading to low impact effects and track damage
    • Monitor the brief on EU lead directives associated with noise to ensure that the rail aspects are competitively addressed and focused on the noise mapping aspects
    • Ensure appropriate conventional TSI input for UK rail through effective engagement with mirror groups, building on High Speed TSI lessons learnt
    • Create an environmental and energy consumption vision through a holistic systems approach, tying in with environmental and energy consumption interfaces, such as energy used for each kg, seat, or passenger
    • Develop measuring systems for pollution, global warming, and noise, using measures such as cost per tonne of CO2, NOX, and wheel/rail noise
    • Investigate methods to optimise aerodynamics (and pressure waves)
    • Investigate methods to optimise evacuation, normal access and egress, anti-terrorist designs and measures
    • Investigate methods to optimise passenger facilities, communication, information, comfort, and personal security.

    Message from the chair

    Vehicle/Vehicle SIC (V/V SIC) is a cross industry group that assists the Railway Industry in managing identified tactical cross industry technical issues and to help lead the strategic improvements in rolling stock design, maintenance and overhaul. V/V SIC sponsors a range of research work and embodies good practice and new learning in the widely recognised Key Train Requirements document. V/V SIC supports facilitation of the annual Fire Forum seminar, to take place in May.


    The V/V SIC has members representing these industry stakeholders:

    • passenger train operators
    • rolling stock owners and leasing companies
    • freight and other non-passenger train operators
    • infrastructure managers and owners
    • academia
    • suppliers and rolling stock manufacturers
    • RSSB.
    Chair of committee: Euan Smith , Angel Trains Ltd
    RSSB main representative: Daniel Hamm , RSSB
    Other Members
    Other members
    Richard Hobson
    Serco Group Plc
    Non Passenger Train Operator
    Amanda Hall
    Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
    Other Chair
    Daniel Hamm
    David Bridges
    Angel Trains Ltd
    Rolling Stock Owner
    Paul Allen
    University of Huddersfield
    Ivan Youd
    Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
    Paul Gray
    James Ambrose
    Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
    Infrastructure Manager
    Iain Burnett
    Abellio East Anglia Limited
    Passenger Train Operating Company
    Rory Dickerson
    Network Rail Infrastructure Limited
    Infrastructure Manager
    Roisin Mulvany
    Euan Smith
    Angel Trains Ltd
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    Contact our Industry Groups Manager for questions about the next meeting or about vacancies within this group.
    Roisin Mulvaney 2
    Roisin Mulvany
    Tel: 020 3142 5579
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