RSSB podcasts will cover a range of topics to keep you informed about things that will lead us all toward a better, safer railway. That may be the impact of the change to a standard, a new way to do a task more effectively, or an emerging technology from our Horizon Scanning team that could transform how something is built or operated.

In the October episode, Dr Emma Taylor, a Principal Strategy Implementation Manager, former rocket scientist and chartered mechanical engineer, talks about how the increasing number of digital components is going to change the ways engineers need to think and work. Software and digital applications are blurring the dividing lines between rolling stock and infrastucture. New engineers need to be involved—software and cyber security specialists. Emma has talked to the traditional railway engineers about the issues that are keeping them awake at night. And she gives her perspective on what needs to happen, and how the industry needs to work together in new ways, to reduce the likelihood of a software failure being the cause of the next accident.

In November we plan to bring you two episodes on trespass. One about its scale and impact; the second on how to assess the risk of trespass and what can be done to reduce its occurence to as low as reasonably practicable.

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