RSSB podcasts will cover a range of topics to keep you informed about things that will lead us all toward a better, safer railway. That may be the impact of the change to a standard, a new way to do a task more effectively, or an emerging technology from our Horizon Scanning team that could transform how something is built or operated.

In our latest episode, we look at another safety-critical, software-based incident; this time involving a city metro system.  In this incident, we look at how steps in the V-model may have been run in parallel, how independent advice may not have been given enough weight, and the resulting incident, that fortunately happened while there were no passengers on the network.

In the next few weeks we are planning episodes on RSSB's new thinking on sustainabilty for the railway, some guidance on keeping safe for lone workers, and health and wellbeing for all workers. As we expand the topics we cover some of them will be of more interest to those working at the front line of our industry. So, we are planning a second podcast stream, RSSB at the front line, in which we will talk about aspects of RSSB's work that directly affect those working on trains and stations, on the infrastructure, and building and maintaining vehicles.


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