Conflict Management Training

SWeRVe II: A conflict management training package developed just for rail.

The interface between the railways and the public creates a psychosocial occupational hazard for front-line staff. RSSB and the Platform, Trains and Stations Risk Group (PTSRG) commissioned the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) to conduct a study (T1085) in this area. More specifically, the study investigated the experience and impact of workplace violence on the train and station staff employed by mainline train operators. 

The research found that 94.1% of participants experienced verbal abuse, 25.6% had experienced physical assaults, and 7.8% had experienced sexual assaults. 

Furthermore, data from British Transport Police has shown a consistent year-on-year increase in work-related violence in the industry.

Conflict management training has been identified as an important way to manage the risk of such work-related violence. RSSB developed the SWeRVe II (Stop Workplace Related Violence) training package, to support rail companies reduce and manage conflicts between staff and passengers on the railways.

SWeRVe II is built around four video scenarios which show complex, real-world situations, typical of those facing rail staff. Staff are shown how to use the Dynamic Risk Assessment model. They package also provides several techniques for managing potential conflict situations.


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