Safety Management System (SMS)


    Welcome to RSSB's new Safety Management System (SMS) guidance pages. RSSB has tools, guidance and expertise to help you develop your SMS to optimal effectiveness. This guidance is for those who need to put in place arrangements for managing health and safety, or those who have a responsibility for overseeing the arrangements.

    Our guidance is presented in a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) management framework. This is a popular framework for managing occupational health and safety risks. We do not set prescriptive paths for SMSs because each organisation and its operational risks are unique. The SMS should be appropriate for the organisation's risks and fit for purpose. If an SMS is bespoke to the organisation, it will be more effective. 

    We are looking for feedback and ideas on new content, including case studies. Please get in touch.

    SMS Guidance

    Introduction to Safety Management System guidance
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