Adapting to New Ways of Working

The pandemic has forced everyone to develop alternative ways of getting things done. Tasks which have traditionally been performed face-to-face such as training and audits are now being done on-line. Industry collaboration is exploiting the power of web-based teamworking tools and video meetings. Our experts have been helping industry to adapt to the new normal.

New ways of working


It will be many months before the country can do everything it was able to do pre-lockdown. The railway will need to adapt to changing circumstances throughout the year, as well as adapt to new approaches that are likely to remain for some time. In some cases, new ways of working may become preferable or prove more efficient, even once the pandemic is over.

Industry collaboration is exploiting the power of web-based teamworking tools and video meetings. Working groups, committees and task forces are all meeting on-line meaning that rail companies are not working in isolation and can retain the benefits of cooperation with each other.

Audits of suppliers through the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme (RISQS) are being conducted remotely. This means they continue to be qualified and verified to work for key buyers including Network Rail and Transport for London, allowing important safety work and improvements to continue.

We have produced guidance to help operators train and brief their staff on-line reducing the risk of skills fade.

Of course, Covid-19 is a worldwide phenomenon. We are working closely with the International Union of Railways (UIC) to help share good practice and experiences from railways around the world.

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