Member organisations must fall into one of these categories:

  • Rail industry contractors
  • Government and transport bodies
  • Global train operators and transport bodies
  • Research and academic institutions
  • Risk consultants
  • GB rail industry contractors

British organisations with an interest in the rail industry that don’t fall into one of these categories may join as an affiliate.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of becoming an affiliate, visit our Affiliates page.

Some organisations, like Network Rail or train operating companies, have license conditions that require RSSB membership. Others choose to become members or affiliates. What they all share is a desire to co-operate and contribute to making a better, safer railway.

Why join us?

RSSB offers services and resources designed to be used at all levels and in all areas of the rail industry. Rail companies strive to ensure their systems and operations are safe and efficient as they can be. But there’s a good chance that somebody has thought about it before. 

RSSB members benefit from our support in improving safety, performance, and value for money. Through our close collaboration with the industry, we collate an overview of the latest thinking, while our technical expertise offers insight on technical detail. 

That’s where our services and resources can help members get up to speed quickly and apply the industry’s collective knowledge to their own situation. And ensure they don’t duplicate work that’s already been done.

We also support our members to collaborate more easily with industry peers, to help shape solutions to the issues that affect their businesses, and to benefit from the results.

Our services and resources can help you with:

  • Reducing safety risk levels
  • Increasing capacity 
  • Improving operating performance and customer satisfaction 

If your business involves rail industry safety and standards, if you want access to the latest industry thinking, or if you want to guide research and standards for the benefit of all, we offer: 

  • Industry knowledge and tools
  • Training programmes
  • Expert technical advice
  • Consultancy and access to our leading experts
  • Networking and global communities
  • Funding and resources

Learn about the benefits of RSSB membership.

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How to join RSSB?

For further information on becoming a member or affiliate, email our Membership Development Manager


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