RED 58 - Human Factors

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Our latest episode of RED looks at Human Factors, and how it can help improve safety in our industry.


Human Factors is how people interact with each other, the equipment they use and the processes they follow. In a safety critical environment, getting this right is vital. This requires input at the individual level, the workplace or job level and the organisational level, to help the individual thrive.

This episode starts by giving an overview of Human Factors, why it is important, and how the industry is approaching it. 
We then put this into context: we analyse some of our past RED programmes through the Human Factors lens, drawing out key learning points around issues such as fatigue, workload, and training.

We finish by speaking to people from other industries where Human Factors plays an important role. In aviation and healthcare, designing equipment, systems and processes that reduce the likelihood of human error helps prevent incidents that could have catastrophic consequences.

Watch RED episode 58 for safety information on Human Factors.

Our RED programmes video series provide the rail workforce with awareness on a range of safety issues, to help reduce operational risk. Each video conveys safety messages about railway operations with an emphasis on the key learning points. The videos are used in safety briefings and training sessions across the industry.

All RED programme videos are available in our library. Please visit our RED Programmes page and login to view videos.

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