GERT8000-TS1 Iss 16

General signalling regulations


You will need this module if you carry out the duties of a signaller.

Summary Of Changes

At regulation 3.5.3, ‘Manned level crossing’ has been changed to ‘controlled level crossing’. Also at regulation 3.5.3, the instruction in issue 15 appeared to be relevant to any of the crossing types that are listed as ‘controlled level crossings’ in module TS9, and not just to those described using the word ’manned’ and the instruction has therefore been corrected in issue 16.

At regulation 4.9, the role ‘pilotman’ has been changed to ‘pilot’ to remove gender-specific language.

Regulation 13.2.2 in issue 15 includes a definition of the term ‘protecting signal or block marker’ which has caused difficulties in interpretation. A signaller can now grant a line blockage if another signaller will keep a protecting signal at danger, and on a single or bi-directional line, the signaller at the opposite end will keep the signal at the entry at danger. Block markers are also referred to. In the same regulation, when work is to take place less than 200 metres from the protecting signal or block marker, the wording has been amended to make it clear that the previous signal or block marker referred to is in relation to that situation only.

At regulation 13.2.4, keeping a block indicator at ‘train on line’ or acceptance switches at ‘normal’ are now additional methods of providing additional protection and the regulation has been amended accordingly. An explanation has been included of the function of each type of additional protection.

Regulation 13.2.7 has been changed to include an instruction when the block indicator has been used as a method of additional protection.

At regulation 20.6.1, the title of module P2 has been changed to remove gender-specific language.

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