RSSB provides cross-industry governance for industry decisions and activities in many areas of business improvement.

    Virtually all of RSSB's products and services are overseen, governed, commissioned or approved by a cross-industry group, involving representatives of RSSB members and other stakeholders.

    Download a map of RSSB facilitated groups and committees.


    Governance Group

    Industry Standards Coordination Committee

    The Industry Standards Coordination Committee (ISCC) is the senior stakeholder group dealing with issues relating to rail industry standards.

    Technical Interfaces and Cross-system Solutions

    Governance Group

    System Interface Committees Chairs

    The Chairs of System Interface Committees (SIC) meet regularly to ensure that the work of the seven SICs is coordinated and delivers benefit to industry.


    Governance Group

    System Safety Risk Group

    SSRG promotes collaboration on safety issues aligned to the risk areas described in the industry’s safety strategy ‘Leading Health and Safety on Britain’s Railway’ (LHBSR).


    Governance Group

    Sustainable Rail Executive

    The Sustainable Rail Executive (SRE) champions a whole industry approach to sustainability, influencing and shaping the sector’s sustainability strategy and making rail the leading mode of sustainable transport. It works to respond to Government ambitions, and oversee and promote an ambitious, affordable, and coherent rail sustainability programme.

    Scheme Management

    Governance Group

    Railway Industry Supplier Approval Scheme

    RISAS is the Railway Industry Supplier Approval Scheme, which ensures key suppliers can become recognised as best-in-class at delivering on the most challenging and high-risk aspects of rail vehicle maintenance, repair and overhaul.

    Health and Wellbeing

    Governance Group

    Rail Wellbeing Alliance

    The Rail Wellbeing Alliance is a group established by RSSB in partnership with the industry to inspire healthy lives across the railway. We promote collaboration and provide strategic development and monitoring in health and wellbeing as part of Leading Health and Safety on Britain’s Railway.

    Other Industry Groups

    Governance Group

    Digital Railway Assurance Steering Group

    Digital Railway Assurance Steering Group (DRASG) is concerned with technical and operational assurance of programme components of the Digital Railway (DR) programme.
    Governance Group

    Test Facilities Steering Group

    The Test Facilities Steering Group (TFSG) is charged with delivering the tools and processes associated with the physical testing and trialling (T&T) facilities needed for successful innovation.  
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